mur.sat - the satellite

In 2013 or later will launch its first satellite mursat1.

The main idea is to have public domain access to what we can perceive and realize in space.

Interorbital Systems offers its TubeSat personal satellite kit for aprox. USD 8,600 (launch inclusive). The satellite will occupy a LEO for a couple of weeks before burning in the atmosphere on reentry. This is a SpaceArt project kindly supported by BMUKK.

Before mursat will be sent to its LEO (lower earth orbit) somewhen in 2011, it has already been shown, in an exhibition taking place from December 3rd to 17th 2010 at ESC im LABOR, Graz. Until the end of the exhibition, the satellite's functionality was more or less fixed. With an additional payload of only 200 grams, we have to focus on a certain range of possibilites.

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The People Involved

The team consists of about 15 people who come from different fields; although we see all fields of knowledge overlapping, we have our specialties - rather comming from developing concepts for art and programming, hardware development, amateur radio, fm radio, sound and video, ... what we share, is our curiosity.

Get to know the PeopleInvolved - artists, tech developers, supporters.

Want to get in touch? Contact us at sat AT mur DOT at!

The Actions

The Technology / Tech Development

View our presentation about mursat1, held at Grazer Linuxtage 2011:

or the one held at Chaos Communication Camp 2011:

Hardware / Software / Usage Ideas

The communication between mur.sat and earth will be solved via amateur radio frequencies. As the signals of mur.sat will only be available for very short time periods on one spot, we will need a dense global GroundStationNetwork of sender/receiver stations. The single station should catch and collect the signal snippets and transmit them via Internet (TCP/IP) to the SpaceCenter in Graz. The thereby originating art piece will be visible in the Graz space center and online; of course all data will be available online and for free, published under a fitting GNU public licence that will ensure access to durable open public data. After a few weeks - probably 3 to 6 - the satellite will burn up during its re-entry in the earth atmosphere.

LEO Low Earth Orbit (see e.g. Wikipedia for more).


Reading Material

Further ReadingMaterial can be found here. Currently only available for project members.

The Art

Here you find the SatArt we are thinking about. Sensors of all kinds, data sent up and down, and all published in the public domain.

A Timeline of Space Art

SpaceArtTimeline: A research in historical landmarks of Space Art, done by AndreaSodomka and NorbertMath. I put it here as Work in Progress - mostly in german, sorry

The Ground Station Network

There will be an GroundStationNetwork of people around the world that will follow mur.sat on its mission. Please consider our OpenInvitation to participate!

The Space Center

Once mursat is launched into orbit, we are going to follow and accompany it on its travel in our SpaceCenter.

Satellite Listening and Sonifications

We start with a set of sessions round SatelliteListening in June 2011.
See also AugustWorklabNotes.

We have a GalleryPage - our growing photo collection.

mursat Radio

a) general: 25.8.2011
a) sonifications: 22.9.2011
b) satellite listening
c) juridical and license questions (including ASA, ESA, UNOOSA, ...)
d) debris and sustainability 6.3.2012
e) art: 13.12.2011
f) radio jupiter:
g) IOS - an interview with Randa: 10.1.2012


"mur.sat 1" vinyl
In cooperation with the Austrian record label Interstellar Records, we will release a vinyl version with sounds from outer space, recorded with the mur.sat 1 satellite.


See the projects page for things that were developed around mur.sat.


WorkLab4 8 - 11th dec 2011


WorkLab5 friday 27 - sunday 29th january 2012


WorkLab6 Wednesday, 22nd to Sunday 26th, 2012


WorkLab7 Thursday, June 21nd to Sunday, June 24th, 2012


WorkLab8 Thursday, August 23rd to Sunday, August 26th, 2012


WorkLab9 Thursday, November 15th to Sunday, November 18th, 2012

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