Worklab 6

plans reni
only available wednesday and thursday, the whole day and evening, and friday morning

1) composition
i got fotos from a weather ballon flight, by christian lammer, will also give me the video, once he finds it on the af-server
meeting with richie and maru, wednesday afternoon, watching the fotos, collecting ideas for music scoring for the video, possible collaboration with Mittwochsexakt, also with Interpenetration Festival December 2012, Graz.
after the meeting: there are 2 versions:
a) the video is so great as a whole, that we can take the 2 hours and make music for it.
b) we (richie, maru and reni) are so great, that we edit the 2 hours video and make a wonderful few-minute edition, which will be used to make music for it.
we put the video online, and invite our artists friend to do it. at the Interpenetration Festival 2012, the videos will be played between the live acts, and also shown in 6 small video monitors (reni) as installation. christian lammer is stil searching the video from last year, but maybe we ask them to do a new one, in HD and with sound.

2) preparations for next radio show on space debris on 6th march
editing of interview with randa miliron
list of questions for Vitali Braun, TU Braunschweig (interview partner on friday, 2nd of march)
contact to institute in graz, that also deals with space and space debris

3) CoveredSkies
further concretisations of program

4) satellite spotting - bird listening
i have my wouxun (my amateur radio transceiver) with me, and want to listen to some satellites one of these days, especially as the weather is so nice, i want to go out, and also to the clubstation

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