The Team

mur.sat was initiated by and is a cooperation between the Graz-based organisations, realraum and ESC im Labor. Do you want to get in touch? Contact us at sat AT mur DOT at !

Spring - Summer - Fall 2010

In the first phase we primarily debated possibilities and restrictions emerging out of the given set of technical setting. At this stage, we held monthly meetings, organized and moderated by JogiHofmueller, and regularly attended by ChristianPointner, Bernhard Tittelbach, ReniHofmueller and NorbertMath (alien productions).

Among the more regular attendees in this phase was also Heimo Ranzenbacher.

Already at this stage there were some more people following the development, though from a more distant perspective yet - Andrea Sodomka, Takashi Linzbichler, PatrickStrasser, Peter Venus.

Winter 2010

The Exibition in December 2010 led to the next phase, inviting and including more people into the active team.

PatrickStrasser, alien productions (Andrea Sodomka, NorbertMath, Martin Breindl), Takashi Linzbichler, Eva Stern, Henrik PeiƟ, Erik Unger, Richie Herbst, Peter Venus, RobertKiendl

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