Satellite Listening - worklab

We are going to realize a series of worklabs around satellite listening and interpretations of the collected data into sonifications, light installations and whatever else comes to mind.

for satellite spotting: linux: gpredict; windows: heavensat, mac: grepdict or others...
stellarium - free software, all platforms, planetarium.
TLE (two-line-elements)

amateur satellite info list:

weather fax
lindenblad antenna
noaa 15 long pass

types of antennas

realtime satellites

orbital debris


deutscher Satellit Rosat fällt auf die Erde

Müll im All bedroht das Internet

24. - 26. June 2011
Participants: Dominik, Norbert, Peter V., Reni, maybe remote: Istjar (Brussels)

Here comes a first rough schedule for the worklab:
Friday, 24th June: 11.00 am meeting at ESC, Jakoministr.16/, 1st floor
at that point we will define the schedule together.
I suggest that we go listening to satellites in the afternoon, and record as much sounds and material as possible.

Friday evening:
gettogether for discussion on materials for ars electronica, ISEA, etc...festival package.

listening and working on interpretations during the whole day.

Saturday evening:
gettogether with people from other workpackages for exchange.

listening and working on interpretations during the whole day.

Satellite Data We are setting up a SatelliteDataServer at esc based on predict in server mode and OSC

23. - 26.August 2011
next worklab
Reni, remote: Luka (Princic) - Ljubljana
see AugustWorklabNotes

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