mur.sat people meeting with representative from interorbital and a satellite expert from Bogotá/Columbia on September 23rd 2010. From left to right: ChristianPointner, xro, ReniHofmueller, Gimpf, JogiHofmueller, Ivan Luna, Kirk Woellert, Henrick (?).

gathering the parts for mur.sat1

mur.sat-parts-01.jpg mur.sat-parts-02.jpg mur.sat-parts-03.jpg mur.sat-parts-04.jpg mur.sat-parts-05.jpg mur.sat-parts-06.jpg mur.sat-parts-07.jpg

1:1 paper model

mur.sat-model-01.jpg mur.sat-model-02.jpg mur.sat-model-03.jpg

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