Workpackage: Communication/Radio

This page contains information about the Technical Workpackage Communication/Radio

Leader: Bernhard Tittelbach


This Workpackage will be responsible for a physical link between the satellite and ground stations. This is the place to identify limiting contraints on the link, possible solutions and to decide which solutions will be implemented.

Moreover in this workpackage we will construct the necessary parts for the communication radio link and test all parts, to get number for decission making, and for qualification.


Everyone is invited to participate in this Work package. We are especially looking for people familiar with radio communication and electronics.

Frequency registration

Even though we will be using amateur radio frequencies, we have to register these frequencies with ITU. The application for frequency registration has to be filed through Austrian Ministry for communication.


For general considerations read Comm system considerations in our blog.

Technical considerations and collection of tech topics is done in the page TechCommunicationRadio.

First Meeting on 2011-01-27 18:00-21:00 @ realraum

If you are logged on here you can also visit the ComLog.

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