1. SpaceCenter


Once mursat1 is launched into orbit, we are going to follow and accompany it on its travel.

The SpaceCenter will be situated in Graz.
Version 1
It shall be a place, where 24/7 access is possible, so whenever people want to come by and know more about spacetravel in general and especially about mursat. As the launch date is not set yet, we cannot fix the place yet.
Version 2
It is not one physical place, but spread over the city. - nodes become satellite spotting locations, as well as Lustbühel, Keplergymnasium, the Sternwarte, Inffeldgasse with the Institute for satellite communication and the Institute for contemporary art and the Institute for electro-acoustic music, and some public spaces like the train station main hall.
The types of installation possibilites shall be modular:
a) the basic one is a stand alone computer, with gpredict running that can simulate mursat1's path;
b) the next one is a rotor and antenna connected to gpredict that moves automatically when mursat1 passes;
c) computer + rotor/antenna + light attached to the antenna, so it is pointing at the satellite
d) + sonification of the passes
e) + +

We know though that there is going to be several data to see, hear, experience and experiment with.

The SpaceCenter itself is going to be filled with interpretations of the data received into sonifications from the data, mursat1 transmits; listening to the beacons and morse code information that satellites send; graphical translations of the mursat1' path; antennas mounted on rotors, that move automatically with the passing of mursat1, and mayby a second set that can follow other satellites.


The SpaceCenter can also host already existing compostions, videos, materials around satellites and art works that have been triggered by them.

Elisabeth Schimana - Sternenstaub
Komposition (2010)
und geborgen sind wir im partikelwind der sonne
A multichannel-live-electronics solo piece

Bruno Vianna - Bolinha Satelite
Film (2010)

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