Here you find the SatArt we are thinking about. Sensors of all kinds, data sent up and down, and all published in the public domain.

Additionally, already 2 projects are on board now:

"Vapor-Kondensat": The maximal compression of a radio-art-piece called "Vapor Trails of Europe", realized by alien production on Dec 7th, 2010, for Kunstradio in the EBU-Network, will be sent with mursat1 and broadcast to free use for everybody.

"Wahrnehmende der Weltenklänge" - a satellite project for children, initiated by Eva Stern over a period of several months, children will formulate their wishes that will be sent into space with mursat. At the end of its lifetime, the satellite will become a shooting star and by that trigger more wishes from more people.

On earth, in the space center in Graz, and optionally on all other sorts of locations, available data will be received and interpreted, in sound, light, temperature installations, to create his sensation of NOW, of present time, and of connectedness to this expansion and extension that surrounds us.

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