plans for the worklab from 8 - 11th december 2011

test setup for NonNewtonianLiquid for sound installation

prep radio show on 13th dec - done, realized by norbert and reni

storing data projects - on the sd card, save into SVN folder, already existing folder "contrib data" -> "payload data" there will be a deadline to store data (children's wishes, compressed radio show/alien production)

folder: rhizom
material: FolderText

12.12. deadline - cultureconnected kulturkontakt
school project, reni - will try to finish it tomorrow

collecting ideas for the exhibition project in may/june 2012;
energy consumption of the exhibition in comparison with the satellite

testing the payload tranceiver - how much watts does it really send out?

soundcard for piezos - further testing, chrstian with hannes, prototyping eld to a 5khz 8bit soundcard.

led-hannes: users can deposit a request for switching the led on, from 0,5 to 3sec; always when a groundstation has contact, the request will be fullfilled and then afterwards the user gets the info via email, when precicely this was done.
first remote controlled artifical star.

open: how to integrate the solar cells; -> christian and g√ľnther scetched a complete plan for the energy model

group foto!!! -> next time

sunday evening: ESPI visit -> we went out for dinner, and had a long and nice talk

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