medienkunstlabor is an institution which combines art, science and research and carries out projects on these in a space intended for this purpose. State-of-the-art technologies are involved here in the production of art. The three pillars of art, science and research are the basic framework for this dialogue. In this regard, the intermediate spaces opened up by communication are particularly interesting.

Cirkulacija 2

participants 100 %: Borut Savski, Stefan Doepner, Bostjan Leskovsek, Luka Princic 50 %: Miha Tomsic not present all the time: Maja Smrekar, Milan Kristl, Ksenija Cerce

Cirkulacija arrives on 23rd of November and are publicly active from 24th to 29th November.

About the project All is more or less public but all is not servile to the public. Unfocused things mainly happen in paralleled layers of activities, while the focused resemble more to the serialized approch.

The keywords: experimentation and consumation mkl as a place for basic consumation: Cirkulacija will prepare food and drinks for wider participants and some visitors. Art is also being consumed and this is performed by way of trying out - basically using an experimental approach to art.

The keywords: transformation, translation, interpretation Some interactive sound and visual systems will be built on the basis of those keyword. These will be present inside and looking outside (with projections through the MKL windows), the information (by way of sensors, cameras,...) coming from outside and inside. There will be another window and another layer of activities: the video streaming - the electronic focusing.

All these are the so-called membranes - the places/ moments of communication/ (ex)changing (back to translating, transforming, interpreting). There should be a place in space and time for discourse on these topics.

Daily hours We will have some low-level (unfocused) activities from about 14.00 to 19.00 each day and some more focused from about 20.00 to 22.00 - after that again some unfocused until 24.00.

Further information: Cirkulacija2

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