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Cirkulacija 2 is an artists' intiative from Ljubljana / Slovenija that will perform at MedienKunstLabor from 24th to 29th of November. The artists present all the time: Borut Savski, Luka Prinčič, Stefan Doepner, Milan Kristl, Boštjan Leskovšek and Ksenija Čerče. Maja Smrekar and Miha Tomšič will visit for one day.

There are three parallel lines of work to be expected:

- Savski, Doepner, Leskovšek, Kristl, Prinčič and Čerče as basic Cirkulacija 2 project (the keywords: translation, transformation, interpretation, consumation on the levels of sounds, visuals, words), - Prinčič and Savski will also have focus on media (radio, television, net, streaming, archiving...) - Ksenija Čerče will be also preparing an installation that will follow afterwards.

Actions: - unfocused: during the day (14.00 to 19.00) - consumation: 19.00 to 20.00 (or a little bit earlier) - focused: in the evening (20.00 to 22.00) - afterhours (unfocused)

Topics: - definitions the Cirkulacija artists mostly agree (interdisciplinary, technology, realtime, improvisation, interpretation...) - definitions the Cirkulacija artists mostly disagree (analog versus digital interfaces, contemporary art, ...) - definitions the Cirkulacija artists mostly dont talk about (social aspects of collaborations, cultural interfaces, presentation techniques...)

23rd Nov - monday: arrival, unpacking, defining the areas in MKL, setting up the systems

--- parallel

24th Nov - tuesday: 14.00 setting up/running the systems 20:00 opening performences (Savski + Kristl, ...)

25th Nov - wednesday: 14.00 setting up/running the systems 20.00 evening performences (Princic = Deviator, Bostjan, ...)

26th Nov - thursday: 14.00 setting up/running the systems ??.?? streaming to/from Kiberpipa (Maja and Mikka) 20.00 evening performences (Princic = Deviator, Savski, ...)

--- serial

27th Nov - friday: 14.00 coming back from the village 14.00 setting up/running the systems 17.00 preparing the evening party, cooking 20.00 evening performences (under the bridge, ...) 22.00 party

28th Nov - saturday:

29th Nov - sunday: packing, leaving

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