For the fifth time in a row Artist will gather in Graz to take a standpoint in contemporary netart. The invitation to participate was originally published here as En/Call4Participation.

This Wiki is thought to be the main source of information, coordination and communication for NCC09. It's content is volatile and subject to editing by all parties involved.


23rd to 29th November 2009

Have a look at the TimeTable to see what will happen when and where. There is one list of invited Artists and one of the Hosts that will be the locations of NCC09.


Since it is beyond the capacity of organizers and participants to maintain a bilingual Wiki we decided to leave it up to everybody to choose the language of her/his liking when posting/writing/editing here. Hence most of the information published so far is in german. To use english as the smallest common denominator for future writings is a suggestion at best.

StartSeite (deutsch)


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