WHAT: NCC09 - Netart Community Convention 2009

WHEN: 23rd to 29th Nov. 2009

WHERE: Graz/Austria


Over the past few years the „web“ - one of the countless applications of the internet – grew to the synonym for the world wide web. Marketing departments have taken control over the definition of content in a broad range and stuff it with more and more colorful content onto overloaded browsers. The user settles with the given space and fills huge portals with content only to get phony freedom in return.

We oppose this fact with the proposition/allegation that we are located in the web 0.2 age. From this point we are observing the events and start to (re)search further developments. Instead of just floating the surface, we are trying to provide the effective resources from behind and make them the main topic of discussion, reflection and controversy. Instead of throwing around with answers we are trying to formulate appropriate questions.

operating mode


From Monday to Thursday the NCC09 will take place at different locations at the same time. During this first phase the NCC09 will have laboratory style, so the Hosts will be the place for production, debating and experimenting. The in/exclusion of audience remains at the discretion of the Hosts


Friday and Saturday the focus of the NCC09 changes, so each relocated Host now becomes the center of attention for some time. The rotation of locations will be subdivided into three parts: morning, afternoon, and evening. And all participants are invited to join the caravan and are as well invited to dinner...


By the therm „cloud computing“ we are intending to show striking changes of the infrastructure that more and more replaces the common „servers“ in the background of web2.0. The power over mainframe computers resp. physically touchable servers or clusters of computers, like it has been for years is deflecting. In the surrounding of global information providers this change is noticeable and the drift to outsource to cluster of „virtual machines“, which tend to be very flexible (and this is why its called „elastic computing“), is enormous. So different data centers all over the world replace the common ones. An approach that allows a relative short dated increase of resources depending on workload or daytime adjustment and facilitates global migration of data.


We hereby call for your participation in one of the described roles here. Specific concepts and ideas can from now on be suggested at NCC09 Mailingliste and/or be brought into debate here on the Wiki. Further organizational and discursive matters will be handled here. For further information, also see http://ncc09.mur.at/.

Participants are invited to take up one or more of the following positions:



a: one that receives or entertains guests socially, commercially, or officially. b: one that provides facilities for an event or function.1


1 a: obsolete: one skilled or versed in learned arts. 1 b: archaic: physician. 1 c: archaic: artisan. 2 a: one who professes and practices an imaginative art. 2 b: a person skilled in one of the fine arts. 3: a skilled performer; especially: artiste. 4: one who is adept at something.2


one that visits; especially: one that makes formal visits of inspection.3.

NCC09 – organizational team

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