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This page is directed towards admins of MTAs. If you do not understand the following paragraphs, you are most likely not within the target audience. If you wish to contact us please refer to the information provided here. Make sure you have the information that was added to the error message (client, time, server) before you contact us!

Requirements for sending email to hosted addresses

In order to send email to an address that is hosted on our mailserver, the machine running your MTA must fullfill all of the following:


We do maintain our own blacklist for hosts/domains/IP-addresses that send a strikingly high amount of SPAM messages. Usually strikingly means that users start to complain. If you are maintaining a blacklisted host, you will know how and whom to contact to request being removed from the list.


We do maintain our own whitelist for hosts/domains/IP-addresses that - for some reason - are not able to comply with above listed requirements. If you experience problems in sending email to hosted addresses and have no way in fixing your MTA you can ask to be whitelisted.


GreyListing is in use here.


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