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Information on a single satellite


corresponding to these values:

Long:           151.79 (degrees West)
Lat:            -70.04 (degrees North)
Az:             203.75 (degrees)
El:             -60.01 (degrees)
Next AOS/LOS:   1126395990 (seconds since 01-Jan-1970)=Sat Sep 10 23:46:30 2005
Footprint:      5988.49 (kilometers)
Range:          11881.33 (kilometers)
Altitude:       773.71 (kilometers)
Velocity:       7.47 (kilometers/hour)
Orbit Number:   6292 (revolutions)
Visibility:     D (see below)
Orbital Phase:  279.37 (degrees)
Eclipse Depth:  -32.42 (degrees)

All data are int. TODO: "visibility" is not yet transmitted since it is type string (is it?)